About the KÜRT foundation:


The primary objectives of the Foundation are education, skill development and the dissemination of knowledge.

The organization aims to establish and operate an online education system available to everyone in which the implementation of modern technology eliminates the practical shortcomings of the curricula mediated by institutions. It also intends to re-establish teaching’s fundamental goals of providing implemented knowledge through personal experience and aiding self-sufficient navigation of the ‘real’ world. The Foundation believes that teaching is not just a transfer of knowledge, but also a raising of awareness as well. Through the expansion of personal potentials and the creation of appropriate educational guidelines and suitable curricula, the Foundation strives to shape harmonious multilingual personalities capable of transparently perceiving the many slices of reality as an organic whole.

The Kürt Foundation pays particular attention to the dissemination of complimentary educational projects and online education systems available to all. The Foundation's support enables TABELLO® to continue expanding its collection of free materials and ensures the functioning of necessary background operations.

We would like to thank each and every one of our users for their support, which has made online language training more widely available.

The Kürt Foundation's details:
The Foundation is a separate legal entity.
The Foundation's head office address is: 1117 Budapest, Bogdánfy street 5/b.
According to §32 and §33 of the Act of CLXXV. 2011., the Foundation is of public utility.